21st Oct 2021
Solargain Echuca Grand Opening
With a day full of celebration and meeting the community, we’re happy to announce that our Echuca location is off to a great start! See how the day went.
20th Oct 2021
Dressage sponsors for Swan River
Recently we were proud to be able to sponsor the members' preparatory (presented by Carly Dagnall) of the Dressage event as part of the Swan River Horse Trials this year. It’s exciting to see Dressage gaining more of a presence in WA, and we couldn’t be happier for the winner, Ebony Schoonens, and her horse, Toby, as well as all the other competitors and horses who took part in the event this year. The organisation has been operating in WA since 2010 with the aim of fostering and promoting the sport of Dressage in WA, supporting members with club training days, competition series and more
18th Oct 2021
 Be One of the Brightest with a solar battery
Now’s the time to be one of the brightest by joining thousands of other South Australians and get a home battery. After, with some of the highest electricity prices in the nation (up to 40c per kWh), the more you can rely upon your solar energy system the better.
7th Oct 2021
Unwarranted Warranties
Consumers often associate longer warranties with better quality products, but they can’t always be taken at face value. Recently, some solar companies lower on the reputation totem pole have taken to increasing their Product Warranties from 12 to 25 years to make their product offerings seem more appealing. But how can a company possibly double their warranties overnight? Did they shift to a better quality Bill of Materials? Did they incorporate ground-breaking new technology? Did they improve their quality control at least? What suddenly changed to give them this total confidence in their