Submitted by Andrew on Mon, 20/12/2021 - 16:39
Double the Solar Installations in Six Years

Early on in 2015, Solargain proudly announced that we had reached 40,000 installations, counting both our hot water and our solar PV installations. 

For the time, this was a fantastic achievement. After all, we had come from humble beginnings as a one-man-band hot water business to now one of Australia’s biggest names in solar, built on a commitment to quality and customer service.

But we weren’t happy to rest on our laurels and call our job done, we were determined to reach our next milestone much faster than before. 

It took us almost 20 years from our founding as a small hot water company in 1995 to reach that number. Now, at the end of 2021 we’re already close to doubling that achievement.

As of writing this article, Solargain currently sits at 72,545 system installations, and that number continues to rise every day. Though we haven’t quite reached the 80,000 benchmark just yet, we’re confident we’ll be passing that line in no time at all and then it’ll be straight on into six-digit figures.

After all, it’s not just our installation numbers that have grown in the last six years. Our staff have grown considerably, and we now have 21 locations across Australia. With reach covering many rural areas, we’re well equipped to assist almost any customer.

With several awards and accreditations recently acquired, such as Canstar Blue’s most satisfied solar customer award, and the Tesla Premium Certified Installer accreditation, we continue to strive to break new ground and improve on the Solargain of yesterday to provide a better solar experience to our customers.

After all, that has been our mission since the very beginning. We love nothing more than helping Australia reach a sustainable future by offering the very best in solar to Australians at affordable prices. Solar that helps them not only cut down on their carbon emissions and do their part in saving the environment, but also massively reduces their energy bill and provides substantial savings year after year.

With finance now available, excellent lifetime support, and a range of great specials on our systems, why not join our ever-growing list of happy customers? If you’d like to see how much a solar energy system from Solargain could save you, get in touch today for a free consultation with one of our solar energy experts.