Now is the time to buy EV Chargers! With the power, range and efficiency of electric vehicles rising right alongside rising fuel prices, for many around Australia, they’re seeming like a wiser and wiser investment. Plus, when coupled with EV chargers installed right in the home, you can charge up your vehicle overnight and never have to think about visiting a gas station again!

Solargain is a company focused on offering a range of renewable solutions to the people of Australia. We see Electric Vehicles as the future and want to make it easy for Australians to install and buy electric vehicle chargers or EV Chargers.

Plus, EV chargers pair perfectly with solar energy systems and especially solar energy batteries. With solar power stored up throughout the day while you’re away, you can draw it straight from your battery to recharge your EV when you get home, it’s like making your own fuel!

Fronius Wattpilot 22 J

The Fronius Wattpilot is designed to move. This intelligent charging option uses surplus energy (if available) from your solar and the cheapest grid current. It also comes in two versions - Go & Home, allowing for mobility and flexibility to either charge at home or on the go.
Two charging modes (Eco & Next Trip)
Intelligent charging to increase savings
Anti-theft protection and usage control