Zappi EV Charger
Set charging times to reduce costs
Remote Access
3 Charging modes available
Product Indexed
Rated Power
7 kW (1-ph) 22 kW (3-ph)
Charging Current
6A to 32A
1 Phase or 3 Phase
Product Warranty
3 Year Warranty

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The world's first smart EV charger, the myenergi Zappi charger comes with the option to operate entirely on green energy generated by your PV system. Easy to install and user friendly, the Zappi is the perfect system to consider if you have solar and are considering an electric vehicle.

Don’t have solar? The Zappi system is still fully functional without a home PV system to draw from and will simply default to pulling energy from the grid instead.

The system boasts a number of features and functions designed to give you greater control of how your EV is charged. When you pair your Zappi EV Charger with the myenergi app, you gain the ability to set timers to make better use of economy tariffs, as well as the boost function of the charger. It even allows you to monitor all aspects of your ev devices.

Zappi EV Charger installation

Once you have completed your Zappi EV Charger installation, the energy produced by your solar energy system is effectively free. With a smart EV charger, you can ensure all that surplus energy is diverted into your EV’s battery, and that your vehicle will stop charging when there is not enough surplus energy coming from your solar energy system. 

Though this results in longer charging times (which can be modified to supplement the energy with power from the grid to speed up the process) it also means that unless you want it to, your system never uses anything but the free energy generated by your PV system.

If you would like to discuss your Zappi EV Charger installation, our team are always happy to take any questions you might have so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Can’t ask for much more than that can you!

Zappi modes

The Zappi EV charger offers three modes with which to charge your vehicle, allowing you to alter its charging method to suit your needs.

  • Charging Modes
  • Eco Mode: A mixture of both energy from the grid and your PV. This mode will prioritise using green energy, but will use energy from the grid to bolster it should the PV generation drop below 1.4 kW
  • Eco + Mode: Charge power will be continuously adjusted to account for changes in solar power generation or power consumption elsewhere in the home. If charging is relying too much on power from the grid, your vehicle will stop charging until there is more surplus energy available from your PV system.
  • Fast: This mode will prioritise charging your vehicle in the most efficient manner. While it will use renewable energy where possible, it will use energy from the grid to supplement this and get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.
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