SolarEdge EV Charger + Inverter
4x faster than most lvl 1chargers
All in one inverter-ev charger
Record-breaking 99% efficiency
Product Indexed
Rated Power
7 kW
Product Warranty
12 - 25 year warranty

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Introducing the world's first 2-in-1 EV Charger

If you have ever considered an electric vehicle for your home, but been turned off by the amount of additional work needed, or how much energy will need to be pulled from the grid, this is the solution for you, rolling an EV charging station into a powerful solar inverter.

All in one

SolarEdge’s EV Charging station is the ultimate all in one solution for controlling and taking mastery of your solar energy. The best step forward in working towards a sustainable home is installing a solar energy system, and purchasing an electric vehicle, and this EV charging station is the perfect fusion for both.

Reduced installation costs

Acting simultaneously as a charging station for your electric vehicle and a single-phase inverter, the EV charging station reduces the number of extraneous installations, and so reduces the costs associated with a PV system substantially. By integrating an EV charger into a solar inverter, SolarEdge has managed to eliminate the need for all of the additional wiring, conduit and potential switchboard upgrades that can come hand in hand with an EV charger.

Monitor anywhere, anytime

The SolarEdge EV charging single phase inverter allows for full network connectivity and integrates seamlessly with SolarEdge’s monitoring platform, available for any smartphone device. This monitoring platform, in conjunction with the inverter, allows homeowners to track their charging status, set charging schedules and take full control of the vehicle's charging.

Enhanced Charging rate

Charge your electric vehicle up to four times faster than you would be able to with a standard Level 1 charger through the uniquely innovative solar boost mode developed by SolarEdge, which utilises grid and PV charging simultaneously to charge your electric vehicle as efficiently as possible, all while acting as a powerful inverter for your home's solar PV system

Whether you own a PV system already and are looking to upgrade, or are interested in the future of EV technology, there's few better investments than this! 

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