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Bifacial dual-glass design for highest yield and longevity
N-type TOPCon tech
Tier 1 module, fully automated factory
Double-sided power generation
High quality & robust
Anti-PID design
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1134w x 1722h
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30 Years Product Warranty
30 Years Performance Warranty
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Founded in 2006, AKCOME is a global solar panel manufacturer operating in over 30 countries with more than 6,000 employees. In 2014, AKCOME created their Australian subsidiary focusing on EPC contracts for commercial and industrial clients which includes design, procurement, construction, connection to grid and maintenance.

Solargain is excited to now introduce the latest 440W AKCOME Kookaburra series to our residential customers. This top-shelf model from AKCOME comes with an impressive 30-year Product Warranty (5-years longer than industry standard) and incorporates the latest in solar panel technology including:


  • Bi-Facial achieves power generation gain on the backside (more so on light coloured roofs).
  • Dual-Glass eliminates the risk of back-sheet degradation. 
  • N-type TopCon cells = lower degradation & higher yield over time.
  • POE encapsulant superior to the standard EVA used in most other panels.
  • Genuine Stäubli MC4 connectors (not “MC4 compatible” imitations)
  • High Efficiency: 22.53%
  • Positive-Only Power Tolerance. In comparison, some solar panels are sorted with a plus/minus (±) power tolerance. For example, a 440W panel with a ±3% power tolerance could have flash-tested at only 427W
  • Fully automated robotic production lines. Check out this impressive video of the AKCOME factor


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