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The SolarEdge power optimiser makes the most of each and every one of your solar modules by constantly monitoring individual panels and assisting the system in compensating for individual panel issues without compromising the rest of the system.

The power optimiser is a DC/DC converter which is connected to every panel in a PV system, allowing them to become smart panels and increasing their energy output. It does this by continuously monitoring the maximum power point (MPPT) of each individual panel, while communicating the performance of the panels back to your SolarEdge monitoring platform. This allows for easy, panel specific maintenance, and by turning the panels into smart panels, also means that a single one experiencing age issues or shading will not compromise the rest of the system.

Each optimiser comes equipped with the unique SafeDC (TM) feature which helps to reduce panels' DC voltage to a safe level whenever the grid or the inverter experiences a shut down or outage.

Panel Specific MPPT

By having the MPPT monitored at an individual panel level, you are able to have more flexible installations, with multiple orientations, tilts and panel types in the same string. When working in tandem with a SolarEfge inverter, the power optimiser will automatically maintain a fixed string voltage. This allows for further flexibility with longer strings, or strings of different lengths, in order to design the PV system optimised for a homes needs. SolarEdge power optimisers are compatible with c-Si, thin-film, and high current panels, and come with a 25-year warranty.


Key Benefits:

  • Per-panel Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Superior efficiency (99.5% peak efficiency, 98.8% weighted efficiency)
  • Reduces the effects of all types of panel loss from manufacturing tolerance, to partial shading and aging
  • Designed to operate effectively in extreme environmental conditions
  • 25-year reliability and warranty
  • Advanced, real-time performance measuring
  • Available as frame mounted in advance, for quicker installation