Product Image
MAXEON cells used by NASA
Unmatched durability, reliability & shade tolerance
Patented Maxeon N-type cells with solid copper foundation
POE encapsulant
Maxeon 3
400W - 430W
Heat Tolerance
- 0.27%/°C
Product Dimensions
1690mm x 1046mm x 40mm
1812mm x 1046mm x 40mm
Product Weight
19kg / 21.2kg
Country of Manufacture
Malaysia & Mexico
Product Warranty
40 Year Comprehensive Product Warranty
40 Year Comprehensive Performance Warranty
Warranted Degradation
2% First Year, 0.25% Annual Power Attenuation
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Product Available

The SunPower Maxeon 3 combines some of the highest levels of efficiency currently available in the market to create a panel that provides longer-lasting savings and energy production.

The solar panel makes use of SunPower’s revolutionary Maxeon Solar Cell which:

  • Has unmatched reliability
  • Possesses a patented solid metal foundation, which prevents breakage and corrosion
  • Was ranked #1 in Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition Solar Scorecard
  • Was the first solar panel to achieve Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver Recognition
  • Contributes more heavily to a greater number of LEED categories than conventional solar panels.
  • Industry-leading efficiency means that these panels deliver 55% more energy in the same space over 25 years than other, more conventional solar panels. Meaning that you can get more power, from fewer panels, freeing up your roof space.

On top of that, with over 25 million panels deployed around the world, SunPower technology has more than proven its reliability. Which is why they stand behind their panels with a 40-year Maxeon Comprehensive Panel Warranty after online registration.

SunPower systems are fundamentally different, and fundamentally more durable than other panels present on the market today. See the video below to see the difference in how the panels perform when put under stress.

Recognised brilliance

This year, SunPower Maxeon gained the acclaim of being recognised as a top performer in the 2021 PVEL PV Module Reliability Scorecard.

The PVEL Scorecard is based on data from the Product Qualification Program (PQP), and it highlights the exemplary reliability performance of solar panel manufacturers across the globe.

Industry leading levels of durability

SunPower Maxeon's patented metal foundations for their cells allows them to bend under high tension where other cells would break. 


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