Product Image
MAXEON cells used by NASA
Patented Maxeon N-type cells with solid copper foundation
POE encapsulant
Inbuilt Enphase Micro-Inverter
Product Indexed
SPR-MAX6- 425-E3-AC
SPR-MAX6- 435-E3-AC
425W - 435W
Heat Tolerance
- 0.29%/°C
Product Dimensions
1872mm x 1032mm x 40mm
Product Weight
Country of Manufacture
Malaysia & Mexico
Product Warranty
40 Year Comprehensive Product Warranty
40 Year Comprehensive Performance Warranty
Warranted Degradation
2% First Year, 0.25% Annual Power Attenuation
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Product Brochure
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Replacing the incredibly popular Sunpower Maxeon 5 AC, the Maxeon 6AC offers everything the Maxeon 5 AC had to offer, and then some, taking all the features that made its predecessor as popular as it was, and expanding on them to make a better panel than ever before.

Combining one of the most powerful residential solar panels with some of the world's most advanced inverter technology, the SunPower Maxeon 6 AC module is both an elegant and optimised solution for almost any rooftop in Australia. 

SunPower's Maxeon panels are renowned the world over for saving advantages when compared to other panels, as well as their high levels of energy production, combined with fantastic reliability and efficiency.

Leading Solar Panel Warranty

SunPower has total confidence in the quality of their Maxeon range, thanks to comprehensive testing and field data from the more than 30 million SunPower Maxeon panels deployed worldwide. This is why the panels come with their industry-leading 40-year Maxeon Comprehensive Panel Warranty after online registration.

Fantastic Lifetime Energy and Savings

The Sunpower Maxeon 6 AC has been designed to deliver 35% more energy over the course of its 25-year average lifespan, even when taking into account real-world conditions, such as partial shade and high temperatures.

More Lifetime Energy

Designed to maximise energy generation through leading efficiency, enhanced performance in high temperatures, and higher energy conversion in low-light conditions like mornings, evenings and cloudy days.

Uncompromising Reliability

Engineered to power through all types of weather conditions with crack- resistant cells and reinforced connections that protect against fatigue and corrosion. Each panel’s microinverter enables independent panel operation to mitigate the impact of shade while improving system performance.

Superior Sustainability

Clean ingredients, responsible manufacturing, and lasting energy production for 40 years make SunPower Maxeon panels the most sustainable choice in solar.

The Industry’s Longest Warranty

SunPower Maxeon panels are covered by a 40-year warranty! backed by extensive third-party testing and field data from more than 33 million panels deployed worldwide.

SunPower Maxeon Solar Panels

Your solar panel choice matters.

Maximise your savings and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with solar's top durability, reliability and efficiency,1 all backed by the industry's leading warranty.2

Record-setting SunPower Maxeon panels ensure that you have the very best solar for your home or business.

Higher Efficiency = More Energy

Up to 30% more energy in the same space over 25 years*

Maxeon 6 solar panels comparison


Invest with confidence, knowing that SunPower Maxeon panel quality is proven. In actual field testing across 8 years and 800,000 panels at 264 sites, SunPower Maxeon solar panels demonstrated the lowest degradation rates in the industry,1 almost 4x stronger reliability than conventional panels.

And more reliability means more savings.


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