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Sleek All-Black panel
Premium durability, reliability & shade tolerance
Patented shingled 'Hypercells'
POE encapsulant
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Low on Stock
Performance 3 (P3)
Heat Tolerance
- 0.34%/℃
Product Dimensions
1690mm x 1160mm x 35mm
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Product Warranty
25 Year Comprehensive Product Warranty
25 Year Comprehensive Performance Warranty
Warranted Degradation
2% First Year, 0.45% Annual Power Attenuation
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Combining front contact cells with Sunpower’s 30+ years of material and manufacturing expertise eliminates the weak points of conventional panel design. This allows SunPower to deliver amazing levels of power, reliability, value, and savings.

The Performance 3 panel's black frames and black back sheets blend perfectly with your roof, adding elegance to your home, without compromising on performance. Their robust and flexible cell connections provide some of the best reliability, while their unique electrical bussing results in reduced panel temperatures, and so, greater levels of reliability.

High Reliability

SunPower Performance Panels are the single most deployed shingled solar panel worldwide. Their innovative cell shingling technology works to mitigate some of the leading causes in lost system reliability in conventional front contact panels. SunPower is so confident in the reliability of their solar panels that they proudly back with an industry-leading 25 -year complete confidence warranty.

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The sad reality is that solar panels are not all created equal, and the annual degradation is not the only performance concern you need to consider. After all, real life is unpredictable, and how panels perform when subjected to real world conditions is a critical thing to consider when choosing what solar panels will suit your home's needs.

Whether there be leaves, bird droppings, or neighbouring structures, there is a good chance that at some point your panels will be subjected to shade, and how well they perform when subject to this real-world concern. The design and engineering that goes into the solar panels will play a large part in determining how they perform in these conditions.

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