Product Image
Sleek All-Black panel
Premium durability, reliability & shade tolerance
Black backsheet, black frame
POE encapsulant
Product Indexed
410W / 415W
Heat Tolerance
- 0.34%/℃
Product Dimensions
1086mm x 1808mm x 30mm
Product Weight
Country of Manufacture
Product Warranty
25 Year Comprehensive Product Warranty
25 Year Comprehensive Performance Warranty
Warranted Degradation
2% First Year, 0.45% Annual Power Attenuation
Product Documents
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Product Brochure
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Enhanced Power Density

With high efficiency, LID-resistant solar cells (G12, 210mm), a lower temperature coefficient, and front-side conductive wires that support increased current collection, SunPower Performance panels are uniquely engineered to deliver more lifetime energy over standard solar panels.


Proven Reliability


A proprietary shingled-cell design maximises durability in all types of weather conditions—including reinforced cell connections that withstand the stresses of daily temperature swings, redundant electrical paths that alleviate the impact of cell cracks, and an advanced electrical architecture that is more resilient to the effects of shade and mitigates hot-spot formation.


SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty

Each SunPower Performance panel is manufactured with the absolute confidence to deliver more energy and greater reliability over time—and backed by one of the industry’s most comprehensive warranties.

  • Product and power coverage 25 / 25 Years
  • Year 1 minimum warranted output 98.0%
  • Maximum annual degradation 0.45%


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