Trina Solar Vertex S 390-400 W

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Vertex S
120 Cell Monocrystalline
21.1% Efficiency
390-400 W
Warranted Degradation
2% First Year, 0.55% Annual Power Attenuation
Product Weight
21 kg
Product Category
Product Dimensions
1754×1096×30 mm (69.06×43.15×1.18 inches)
Product Perfomance Warranty
25 years
Heat Tolerance
Country of Manufacture
Product Warranty
• 15 year product warranty

Trina Solar specialises in the manufacturing of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, as well as system integration. The company has been in operation since 1997, and with almost 25 years in the solar energy industry, they’re a trusted name in solar.

Trina Solar’s new Vertex S Module is the first 400 W level module designed for residential and C&I rooftops and is also available in a 390 W model. Based on the advanced technology that the company developed for the Vertex platform, the new module is perfectly designed to balance all aspects of module efficiency. It is powerful and efficient but remains light and aesthetically pleasing, and on top of that, the module boasts fantastic levels of reliability.

Perfect for any system

The Vertex S was designed to be compatible with all the major mainstream optimisers, inverters and mounting systems, making it perfect for any solar installation. With a flexible design, no matter the roof, the Vertex S, with its compact design, and low weight, is a fantastic module to choose. Balancing size and power, it enables you to fit more panels on your roof, and get more power per panel than other modules on the market today.

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