16th Mar 2022 | Andrew
Solargain, Canstar Blue winner, two years running!
For the second year running, Solargain has been given the award for most satisfied customers among solar installers by Canstar Blue, a well recognised and highly respected consumer comparison and review platform.
14th Mar 2022 | Andrew
How flooding can affect your solar energy system and what to do
Terrible flooding is affecting much of the East Coast and our hearts go out to everyone currently impacted by the flood. We would like to assist by offering practical advice in relation to the safety of your solar PV system, for when the water subsides and you are able to return home. Electrical systems of any sort and water do not mix, and solar PV systems are no different. If there is any possibility that your switchboard, solar inverter, solar battery, accessories such as isolators, or in extreme cases, if your roof and PV array were submerged during the flooding then safety should be your
10th Mar 2022 | Andrew
Benefits of the Next Gen Energy Storage Program
One of the best reasons to invest in solar energy in Australia is the number of rebates and incentives offered by state governments. There are few places where this is more true than in the ACT.
25th Jan 2022 | Andrew
South Australia, a vision into the solar future.
We recently had a day in South Australia where demand for electricity went into negatives due to uptake of solar. Discover what it means for the future.
12th Jan 2022 | Andrew
The benefits of a solar smart meter
Our team often recommends smart meters (also known as consumption meters) to our customers, especially when considering batteries. These devices come with a number of benefits, and with recent changes to power rules in WA from Western Power, they’re more useful than ever.
20th Dec 2021 | Andrew
Double the Solar Installations in Six Years
As of writing this article, Solargain currently sits at 72,545 system installations, and that number continues to rise every day. Though we haven’t quite reached the 80,000 benchmark just yet, we’re confident we’ll be passing that line in no time at all and then it’ll be straight on into six-digit figures.
9th Dec 2021 | Andrew
Choosing a Solar Panel Installer
A common concern we see from our customers is that sometimes they’ll have to wait a while before their installation. This has even led us to losing customers to other solar panel installers on occasion, which is disappointing, however this is due to good reason and the old adage 'patience is a virtue' is truer than ever with solar being worth the wait in the long-term. Consider this, there’s only two ways a company can decrease installation wait times: 1. Install Faster When installing a standard 6.6kW system, our solar installers arrive in the morning and are usually finished with the solar
1st Dec 2021 | Andrew
The Truths and Hidden Traps of Interest-Free Solar Finance
Interest-free loans fill the airways, we’re constantly bombarded with offers that seem too good to be true. Loans on everything from jewellery to solar that consumers can pay off entirely on their own time, as it pleases them. How can those wonderful people offering these loans make any money? Well, quite simply, because they are too good to be true. The truth is that these companies make their money through additional charges, both to the customer and the retailer, including a percentage of the total sale that they charge to the retailer; known as a “Merchant Fee” Of course, this means that
24th Nov 2021 | Andrew
What does a true all-black panel look like?
When considering solar for their homes, an important consideration for many is how it’s going to look on their rooftop. Is it going to be in-keeping with their home’s aesthetics, or are the panels going to be obvious, disruptive, and ugly. This has seen the rise of the highly praised all-black panels. After all, many people have black roof-tops, and even if they don’t, a black panel is sure to look sleek and aesthetically pleasing.
4th Nov 2021 | Andrew
Sunpower's Solar Achievements
Those considering solar energy for their home should always take the time to understand the companies behind the products, find out what accolades they possess and whether or not they’re right for your solar installation. Well, SunPower, one of our most trusted manufacturers, have a number of amazing achievements to their name, awesome projects they’ve worked on that act as testament to their quality. After all, when organisations like NASA trust them for the durability and efficiency of their solar modules, you can be pretty confident you can too. The Solar Stratos SunPower Maxeon panels were
21st Oct 2021 | Andrew
Solargain Echuca Grand Opening
With a day full of celebration and meeting the community, we’re happy to announce that our Echuca location is off to a great start! See how the day went.
20th Oct 2021 | Andrew
Dressage sponsors for Swan River
Recently we were proud to be able to sponsor the members' preparatory (presented by Carly Dagnall) of the Dressage event as part of the Swan River Horse Trials this year. It’s exciting to see Dressage gaining more of a presence in WA, and we couldn’t be happier for the winner, Ebony Schoonens, and her horse, Toby, as well as all the other competitors and horses who took part in the event this year. The organisation has been operating in WA since 2010 with the aim of fostering and promoting the sport of Dressage in WA, supporting members with club training days, competition series and more