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2nd Aug 2016
how solar panels work
Solar panels although simple they are far from boring. It’s only until you learn how solar panels work that you truly appreciate how clever they are. So, how do solar panels work? The first thing to know is that panels rely on light from the sun, not heat. In fact, most solar panels become less efficient in extremely hot conditions. Solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity. When photons from sunlight strike the silicon cell in the solar panel, electrons are released. The freed electrons race around and, with the help of an electric field, create energy in the process. The electrons
28th Jul 2016
What It Takes To Be A Quality Solar Supplier
Plenty of customers shopping for solar panels go through hours of research and comparison to identify a good panel and inverter and then mistakenly assume that all they need to do is find an installer for the lowest price. However, choosing good panels and a quality inverter is only the first step towards a smooth solar power experience. In a recent study by Choice on solar power installations, 25% of people said they had to report faults with their system and needed support. Interestingly, less than 20% of these were due to faulty inverters and panels. Low quality equipment like breakers
20th Jul 2016
Introducing SolarWorld The Only Bloomberg (Q1 2016) Tier one German Made Solar Panel Available In Australia “The Best Solar Power System Is Always The Best Investment” states the brochure produced by SolarWorld – sellers of high-tech solar power solutions based in Germany, and here at Solargain we couldn’t agree more. It’s a big claim, but one that they can definitely back up. Recently, one of SolarWorld’s most popular solar panels outclassed 21 other contenders to obtain a perfect score in an intense independent test. Carried out by TUV Rheinland and Solarpraxis, the PV+Test is designed to
14th Jul 2016
solar inverter monitoring
How To Monitor Your Solar Inverter So you’ve installed a solar power system. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax for the next few decades whilst it takes care of all the hard work. Right? Sort of. If you’ve installed a good quality system, there’s no reason why it won’t run smoothly and efficiently for many years. But nevertheless, switching to solar isn’t a ‘set and forget’ exercise. It’s still important that you service your system annually as well as monitor your inverter regularly to ensure it’s doing what it’s supposed to. Once you’ve mastered monitoring your inverter, you’ll
29th Jun 2016
How to make an investment that will save you money
There aren’t many purchases you can make that are simultaneously practical, self-satisfying and destined to save you money. How to make an investment that will save you money So rather than using your tax return cash on a bill or other expense, why not use it to make an investment that will save you money by installing solar power instead? A lot of us view tax return money as a bonus – money that we’d budgeted without, but which we’re certainly happy to have. In this case, using your return on a solar power system is a terrific way to get the most out of every dollar. Aside from the obvious
22nd Jun 2016
7 Ways to stop a hot water system leaking
If you’ve noticed that your hot water system is leaking water, it’s a good idea to identify the cause as soon as possible. Often, hot water system leaks are caused by minor issues, though in some cases you’ll need to get a qualified plumber to repair or replace your unit. Common Causes of Water Heater Leaks Why do hot water systems leak? There are plenty of potential causes – the most common ones include: The age of your water heater Holes in the tank or pipes A loose drain valve Excess pressure in the tank The best way to avoid hot water system leaks in the first place is to have your unit
17th Jun 2016
fronius battery
When weighing up solar power systems for his home, it all came down to reliability, diverse features and the option of a back-up battery for local Helena Valley resident Peter M, who spent six months researching solar and an extra six months researching battery back-up systems for his home. Peter chose a 5.2kW array with a Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter which offered the flexibility of adding a battery for when they became available. He also added a smart meter which allowed him to monitor his power consumption to make an informed decision on battery size. It also continues to monitor his system
9th Jun 2016
cleaning panels
After installing your solar power system, it’s important to maintain it to ensure it keeps working hard, safely and efficiently. Here are some tips on maintaining and cleaning solar panels. The first and often only thing people think of to keep their system performing safely and efficiently is to get someone to come and clean their solar panels. Whilst cleaning your panels is sometimes required if excess dust, grit and droppings has accumulated on them, in most cases they clean themselves. What’s crucial to panel performance and safety is to check and maintain electrical components. It’s
1st Jun 2016
solar panels
It’s a question we hear from potential customers all the time: how many solar panels do I need to install? Whilst this may seem like the obvious question to ask, it’s actually one of the last answers you’ll get when figuring out the type of solar power system you should install. What you’ll need to know first is how much energy your home is currently using. To get the answer to this million-dollar question, you’ll need a copy of your last electricity bill. Look out for your daily average usage as this will be key to uncovering the number of solar panels you should install. Your bill will
25th May 2016
liberal vs labor
You’ve probably heard by now that the 2016 Federal Election is set to take place on Saturday June 2. And if you hadn’t heard, no doubt you will be bombarded with campaign messages from the major parties soon enough. As always, both the Labor and Liberal parties will do their best to convince the country why their plan for Australia is best – and of course, why their opponents’ is not. Who you decide to vote for (assuming you’re choosing between the two big parties) will come down to a mix of personal preference and prejudice. But since you’re reading this blog, we’re going to bet that the
17th May 2016
tarif increase
As of July 1, 2016 electricity charges are set to Increase by 3% In WA becoming more expensive for Western Australian homeowners and businesses. The WA State Government announced a 3% increase to the Home Plan (A1) electricity tariff as part of their 2016-17 state budget. The increase applies to most residents and businesses supplied by Synergy, as well as those outside the South West who are customers of Horizon Power. Aside from this price increase, the Budget forecasts further price hikes of 7% over the next three years, meaning power bills will become increasingly hard to manage for many
13th May 2016
Solar Hot Water-Comparing Systems
Solar hot water systems are pretty great. Not only can they slash your electricity costs by a significant margin, but they add value to your property and contribute to a greener planet – and that’s a good feeling. But comparing solar hot water systems, and choosing from the countless brands and products available can be tricky. Before Solargain became one of the largest suppliers of solar panels in Australia, we were exclusively a hot water company. Our roots stretch back to 1995 as a one-man plumbing business which, over the years, has grown rapidly thanks to quality products and workmanship