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19th Oct 2020
South Australia
Our offices in South Australia have been open for almost five years. But, ever since we opened our doors in Holden Hill, our focus in South Australia was exclusively upon the service arm of our business. This decision was made because of the rapid expansion of solar across South Australia several years before Solargain’s arrival there, due to fantastic feed-in tariffs. This was quickly followed by the foreclosure of many short-lived South Australian solar businesses that had arisen to take advantage of the boom, leaving their customers without anyone to support them in post-installation
12th Oct 2020
So you want to go off grid
Going off-grid is an appealing prospect for many people. With rising electricity prices, there are certainly obvious benefits to being able to produce and consume your own electricity. Especially in places with an unreliable connection to the grid, or areas so remote, there is no consistent grid available, there are definitely good reasons to consider a self-sufficient power system. But as appealing as it may sound, we would not advise this option to most people, unless you truly have no alternative. Generally, the only reason to go off-grid is if your home has no grid connection in the first
1st Oct 2020
Who's installing my solar?
Solargain is a large company and uses both contractors as well as internal installers to give our team greater flexibility and make our services available to more homes across Australia. Why do we use Contractors? All homes are different, with their own unique characteristics. Our cohort of contractors have different skill-sets and this allows us to schedule the most experienced team with the skill-set most suited to the system being installed on your home. Will my warranty or support be different if my solar is installed by a contractor? It’s exactly the same. Your workmanship warranty with
15th Sep 2020
Have a service issue?  We’ve got you covered!
Solargains’ dedicated service department takes pride in helping all Australians make the most out of their solar investment every day. Local and knowledgeable, our Customer Liaison Officers are always eager to do whatever they can to improve a customers solar experience. This process starts with listening to the issues customers are facing. So, I asked our CLO’s ‘What are the common issues?” Here’s what they had to say. If you would like any further information on any of the issues below our service department are waiting to assist you on 1300 73 93 55. 5. Why is my inverter shutting down?
31st Aug 2020
What does the DEBS mean for me?
If you’ve been paying attention to any energy news networks lately, you might have seen a lot of discussion in WA about something called the DEBS, and how it will be replacing something else called the REBS. For the uninitiated, this can seem like just a hot mess of proper nouns and acronyms, so let us take a moment to explain what all this means and how you may be impacted or may be able to benefit from it. What is the REBS The Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (or REBS) is the current scheme in place for West Australians utilising solar in their homes but not benefitting from an exclusive Feed
11th Aug 2020
Solar Gadgets
Renewable energy and specifically solar energy has been a hot topic of innovation for the last decade and more. Endlessly creative souls come up with new devices, new applications and new uses for solar energy, on top of improving the efficiency and manufacture of more traditional panels and inverters. Read on below to see some of the more recent exciting inventions that have come about. 7. Farming Robots The agricultural sector is one that has always had one of the keenest interests in both automation and renewable technologies. The solar robot is an application of both. All around the world
28th Jul 2020
Just How Powerful is the Sun?
One of the most pervading questions in our culture today is how far renewable energies can really take us. After all, we’ve relied upon fossil fuels, oils and gas for so long, can renewable energies really meet our big wide world’s ever-growing demand for energy? Yes, it can. That is just an undeniable fact. Every year, the efficiency of panels and solar energy systems improves, and they are being integrated into networks on a larger and larger scale - look no further than Tesla’s giant solar farm in Hawaii for proof on that front - and they’re only set to keep on improving from here. But is
13th Jul 2020
Australia’s First Solar Installation
We were lucky enough to get to replace a historic solar energy system, this year. The very first solar energy system that was installed in Victoria, as well as being only the second system Australia-wide, and the second residential system to be grid-connected. It was installed in 1996 and lasted the owners an astonishing 23 years, but eventually, all good things come to an end, and when it came time to replace the system, it was the Solargain team that they turned to, putting their trust in our 20 years experience in the solar energy industry. The original system operated on only a 2 kW array
23rd Jun 2020
History of Solar part 2: Sun Deities around the World
Last time on the history of solar, we talked about the wholly practical side of things. How humanity has made use of the sun’s power over the millennia. But there’s more to it than that; after all, legends, gods and myth have been a part of humanity’s history since the very beginning. Ever since we first started recording our history, the sun has been venerated as a deific force everywhere in the world.
10th Jun 2020
IKEA is going solar
Here at Solargain, we have always been so very passionate about making it easier for Australians to cut their bills and be more environmentally friendly through affordable and high-quality solar energy systems. That’s why we were excited that IKEA partnered with us to make solar energy more accessible than ever for Australians by developing SOLSTRÅLE. What is SOLSTRÅLE? SOLSTRÅLE is a home solar power system designed to specifically for your home and energy usage needs at an affordable price. There are also finance options available so that you can start saving money on your bills sooner
9th Jun 2020
Coming Soon - Fronius’ Innovative New Inverter
The people at Fronius were kind enough to gift us with one of their new Fronius GEN24 Plus Symo hybrid inverter beta models to trial, one of the first in Australia! This inverter represents an exciting step forward, not only for Fronius but the solar energy industry as a whole. It's already won itself two awards, gaining the PV home storage inspection award as well as the 2019 Plus X award for design, ease of use, functionality, and ecology.. Fronius has a reputation for creating some of the greatest solar inverters in the world, and they have proven that reputation as well deserved time and
27th May 2020
The Future of Electric Vehicle Charging
SolarEdge’s integrated EV Charging HD-Wave inverter is an extremely exciting piece of new technology, and we, here, at Solargain, were lucky enough to get one of the first beta models to reach Australia to trial!