16th Jun 2022 | Andrew
How to protect your home from rising energy prices
Energy price increases are on the horizon. Now is the time to start considering home solar power to keep your bills under control.
2nd Jun 2022 | Andrew
Power prices are set to rise in July
In the past year wholesale power costs, that being the prices energy retailers pay to purchase power from energy producers such as power plants, have risen as much as 140%.
1st Jun 2022 | Andrew
Evergen Home Energy Management Software | Solar Energy
We’re proud to have partnered with the Evergen team in order to offer our customers the very best in home energy management systems free of charge for the lifetime of the system, when processed through Solargain. Saving our customers more money and making better use of their energy.
24th May 2022 | Andrew
In Kelly Country, a Wangaratta video solar essay
Following up on our recent video essay covering an installation we did in Echuca, our Wangaratta team also had the opportunity to work on a large ground-mounted solar installation with Clenergy.
18th May 2022 | Andrew
What is Export Limiting
Australia is the perfect place for solar. Homeowners have known this for some time, and the uptake of solar around the country has only continued to grow year on year on year. However, electricity networks sometimes struggle to keep up with the amount of excess solar energy being exported to the grid. That's where export limiting comes in.
18th May 2022 | Andrew
Creek life
Recently, our Echuca location had the opportunity to work alongside Clenergy on a unique solar energy installation in a rural area. A roof-mounted system was not going to work for homeowner Trevor Vincent’s beautiful 20-hectare property right by the creek. So, we had to come up with something unique. Check out the video below or read on for more details.
5th May 2022 | Andrew
Best Solar Panels for Australian Homes
When deciding on the best panel for your home, there are a number of factors one needs to consider. The best panel for a home in Europe might not be the best panel for a home in Australia. We only stock the best of the best, but what’s the best for you?
26th Apr 2022 | Andrew
Solargain and EV Charging
Solargain is adding EV Charging to the repertoire of different renewable products we offer. The latest in home charging options, this range of chargers represents one more step forward down the path towards a totally renewable future.
19th Apr 2022 | Andrew
The iStore competition comes to a close
On the 14th of February we started a competition for one lucky customer in the Brisbane metropolitan area to win a 180 L iStore system (valued at $2,990) simply by getting a quote on a solar energy system from our team. We had plenty of entries but in the end only one winner could emerge. So, congratulations to Nicholas Gordon of Redbank!
13th Apr 2022 | Andrew
Why now is the time to install a solar battery
Batteries have been seeing a recent rise in popularity, thanks to the increasing convenience and ease of purchase across Australia. Many government incentives and rebates have become available, battery efficiencies have increased, all while prices continue to fall.
4th Apr 2022 | Andrew
Changes to WA Switchboards
For residents of WA new rules put in place by energy regulator Western Power may prove rather costly. These new rules require that all main switches be updated to circuit-breaker main switches.
21st Mar 2022 | Andrew
Ethical businesses practices in Solar
Recently, Infinite Energy announced that they would be exiting PV (operational), and will be focusing on other opportunities and markets. As a long-time competitor of theirs, this was disappointing to see, as it reflects on the misdirection and poor practices utilised by many companies in the industry that could lead to an ethical and reputable company like Infinite Energy to be unable to keep pace. Infinite Energy chief executive officer Andrew Sutherland described the issue in his announcement, saying that; “While the Western Australia (WA) solar market continues to add rooftop solar