18th Oct 2021 | Andrew
 Be One of the Brightest with a solar battery
Now’s the time to be one of the brightest by joining thousands of other South Australians and get a home battery. After, with some of the highest electricity prices in the nation (up to 40c per kWh), the more you can rely upon your solar energy system the better.
7th Oct 2021 | Andrew
Unwarranted Warranties
Consumers often associate longer warranties with better quality products, but they can’t always be taken at face value. Recently, some solar companies lower on the reputation totem pole have taken to increasing their Product Warranties from 12 to 25 years to make their product offerings seem more appealing. But how can a company possibly double their warranties overnight? Did they shift to a better quality Bill of Materials? Did they incorporate ground-breaking new technology? Did they improve their quality control at least? What suddenly changed to give them this total confidence in their
15th Sep 2021 | Webmaster
How to plan for solar when building a home
Building a new home is an exciting yet challenging process. Researching the best suburbs, finding the perfect block of land, choosing the right builder and the seemingly endless decisions about colours, fittings and furnishings - so many things to consider! Have you included solar power on your list? If you're thinking about installing solar power in your new home (either as part of the build or later on) we highly recommend you start planning for it now. The following tips will save you money, time and regrets later on, by getting your solar installation right, from the start. Lay of the land
7th Sep 2021 | Andrew
Proud Sponsors of the ANU Solar Car
The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is an amazing, biennial competition which sees teams from across the globe competing to traverse Australia north to south, starting in Darwin, with a finish line in Adelaide. 40 teams from 30 different countries traverse 3022 km in vehicles powered by the sun’s rays. The BWSC offers the chance for universities such as Australian National University and Cambridge, as well as technological institutions and private enterprises such as MIT and Volkswagen to pit themselves against one another and the elements. Innovation
16th Aug 2021 | Andrew
Growatt, the #1 International Inverter Manufacturer
In 2020, only a decade after they first opened their doors, Growatt has become the world’s #1 inverter manufacturer by residential installations, claiming 16.6% percent market share worldwide. This report comes from the latest IHS Markit PV report, and represents a massive, undeniable achievement for Growatt. We couldn’t be more proud of Growatt. After all, we’ve stocked their products for years and have a fantastic working relationship with them. Many Australians struggle with warranty claims with international manufacturers. Meanwhile Growatt treats the people of Australia well, they have a
9th Aug 2021 | Andrew
The New SunPower Performance 3 AC Solar Panels
New to the market, the SunPower Performance 3 AC panels can pass power straight to your home. These panels include a factory in-built microinverter, which regulates the panel independent of the rest of the system, and converts the electricity to AC before passing it directly to your home. This presents a unique opportunity for homeowners with small or unconventionally shaped roofs, who want to reap the benefits of solar. As each panel acts as its own system, new installation opportunities open up for homeowners with small or oddly shaped roofs. This allows for far more customisable solar
26th Jul 2021 | Andrew
The ACT sustainable household scheme
The Australian Capital Territory state government has established themselves as forerunners to the solar energy revolution, offering a variety of schemes to help their residents install solar energy technologies. Their latest initiative is the Sustainable Household Scheme, offering interest free loans of $2,000 up to $15,000. Open across a number of technologies, including solar energy systems and solar energy storage units, this scheme is a fantastic way for residents to install a solar energy system. With ACT’s particularly high energy prices, the savings homeowners will enjoy from their
26th Jul 2021 | Andrew
Everything you need to know about STC's
The price of STC’s play an important role in determining the deals that a solar retailer is able to offer their customers. Read on to learn more about what they are, and how we, and other solar retailers, calculate them to offer you better prices. What are STCs? The solar industry benefits from a government incentive called the ‘Renewable Energy Target’ (RET). Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, households and businesses with solar power systems up to 100kW, receive Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) for every megawatt hour of renewable energy generated or displaced by an
24th Jun 2021 | Andrew
Difference between different kinds of solar panels
When reading through the selling points of different panels you'll see retailers mention that the panels are half-cell or full-cell, as well as if they are polycrystalline or monocrystalline, but often it’s not exactly clear what this means.
15th Jun 2021 | Andrew
Thinking about going solar? Well, you might have heard something about the pitfalls of solar, the bad companies who burn out in no time, and leave their customers burnt in the process. Every company in the industry claims to offer the very best, and it can be hard to pick out the ones who can back up those claims. Here’s some information to help you choose the best of the bunch and avoid being left high and dry. Customers being left in the dark, is unfortunately something that can happen even to reasonably savvy consumers, due to unethical practices of ‘phoenix’ companies. ‘Phoenix’ companies
27th May 2021 | Andrew
Commbank Green Loan
What is it? Commbank has recently announced that they’ll be making a fantastic green loan available for their customers. We’re over the moon about this, because green loans are a fantastic way for those who might not otherwise be able to access solar to add systems to their home. More than that, thanks to how the loan is set up, we’re able to offer a truly cash flow positive battery package for those taking advantage of it. The Commbank Green Loan is a 0.99% PA loan with a 10-year fixed-rate, no establishment, service or additional payment fees and a minimum loan of $5,000 or a maximum of $20
6th May 2021 | Andrew
Calculating your return on your Solar Investment in 2021
Investing in solar is a big decision. After all, we can admit that solar is no small purchase, though it has become substantially more affordable over the years, and green-loan finance is now available. But when looking at that cost, you also need to consider just how quickly that cost will be returned to you in savings. Since after that point, your solar energy system has paid for itself, and now all the savings it generates is just money in your pocket! It’s much quicker than you might think. To get a basic idea of how much you can save with solar you can use our solar calculator, but today