18th Jan 2019 | Manny
Queensland Solar Rebate
Have you been thinking about installing a solar PV or battery system in your home or small business? Thanks to the Queensland Government’s Solar PV and Battery Grant, if you’re a Queensland resident or small business owner, there has never been a better time to install and reap the benefits. But time is running out. The Queensland Government has stated that all applications for solar battery loans will close once funding has been exhausted on 30 June 2019, whichever occurs first. Since the announcement, there has been an increasingly large number of applications made, which implies the June 30
12th Sep 2018 | Manny
Are You Eligible For The Victorian Solar Rebate - Solargain
Are You Eligible for the Victorian Solar Power Rebate? If you’re a homeowner in Victoria then it’s your lucky day because you could be cutting your power bills in half thanks to a new Government solar energy program said to save households up to $890 a year on energy costs. A media release from the Minister of Energy, Environment & Climate Change announced the Solar Homes program late last month which aims to reignite a solar ‘spark’ in almost 650,000 homes across Victoria in the space of 10 years. What is the Solar Homes Package? The Solar Homes program, which offers households up to $2,225
29th May 2018 | Nedjma.Loucif
Solargain Canberra new office now open
Visit our new Canberra office Solargain is delighted to announce the opening of its new ACT office! Whether you are looking to switch to solar power, solar hot water, or to repair or replace your existing system, our team of experienced consultants is here to help you with all your renewable energy needs. Who? Solar experts Jimmy Miller and Joe McCaffery Where? Unit 1, 9 Whyalla Street, Fyshwick ACT 2609 When? Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm Solargain ACT customers eligible for battery storage grant Solargain was chosen, alongside five other local and national companies, to receive funds
25th Oct 2017 | Nedjma.Loucif
summer saving tips
Stay cool and save money this summer with these clever ideas for cutting your power bill. #1: Ensure your air con is ‘working smarter, not harder’ Resist the temptation to turn your air con on full-boar, in the hope that it’ll cool the room down faster. (All that does is chew up electricity!) Instead, set your air conditioner to around 25°C with a moderate fan speed. Slow and steady wins the race when cooling your home affordably. #2: Stop the leaks and block out the heat Be on the lookout for places where cold air can escape from your air conditioned room, like under doorways and via open
5th Oct 2017 | Nedjma.Loucif
istore solar power
Take control of your solar electricity In the past, if your solar panels produced more electricity than your household used, it made good financial sense to export that excess electricity back to the grid. In return, your electricity company would pay you anywhere between 20c-50c/kWh of electricity.However, lucrative feed-in tariffs like that are now a distant memory, with power companies only paying around 5c-12c/kWh these days. Given that you’ll be paying much more than that to buy electricity back off the grid at night (between 25c-40c/kWh depending on your electricity supplier), you’re
8th Sep 2017 | Nedjma.Loucif
everything you need to know about stcs
On 20 July 2017, STC prices have dropped dramatically, affecting every company across the solar industry, small or large, as well as PV customers all over Australia. This dip has caused the price of a 5kW solar system to increase by approximately $1000. So how do STCs work and when can you expect system prices to go down again? What are STCs? The solar industry benefits from a government incentive called the ‘Renewable Energy Target’ (RET). Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, households and businesses with solar power systems up to 100kW, receive Small-Scale Technology Certificates
3rd Aug 2017 | Nedjma.Loucif
How much could you save with solar?
Our 3-step guide to saving money on power bills: Step 1 - Going Solar Here is a simulation of your potential savings compared to the same usage without solar power. Please note that solar power systems produce 2 to 3 times more energy in summer than in winter, so your summer bills are a lot lower in the summer months. However, we have taken that into account, and the consumption data provided below are yearly averages. If you install a 5kW solar power system on your roof, which produces 22.5kWh per day, your production for the September-October billing period (61 days) will be 1372.5kWh. If
11th Jul 2017 | Nedjma.Loucif
3 good reasons to choose LG NeON 2
LG has recently released the NeON 2, an award-winning solar module already labelled “the panel of the future”. From high performance to low degradation, great resistance, and superior warranty cover, the new model from LG ticks every box! Whether you wish to make the switch to solar or to upgrade your current PV system, here are 3 good reasons to consider the LG NeON 2: 1. Produce more electricity and save more money With extra wire busbars, double-sided cells, and better performance in hot weather and in low-light conditions, the NeON 2 is currently the most efficient solar panel on the
18th May 2017 | Nedjma.Loucif
Time to go solar
With higher feed-in tariffs, more affordable solar panels, increasingly productive PV systems and valuable STCs, now is the time to make the switch to solar! 5 compelling reasons to go solar: Rising energy costs As energy costs in Australia continue to soar, solar is considered a low-cost energy option. With electricity prices across the country set to further increase from July 2017, switching to solar now only makes sense. Continuing government incentives Upfront government incentives are still available and can account for a significant percentage of the upfront cost of the system so, even
5th May 2017 | Nedjma.Loucif
phoenix companies
If you are shopping for solar, you may have been warned about phoenix companies which, like their namesake, are reborn from their ashes. But how much do you really know about them and, more importantly, about how to avoid them? What is a phoenix company? Although there is no legal definition of a phoenix company, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, describes this practice as an illegal activity involving “t he intentional transfer of assets from an indebted company to a new company to avoid paying creditors, tax or employee entitlements.” In order words, phoenix companies are
10th Apr 2017 | Nedjma.Loucif
bill reading
Winter is coming and your power bills are about to send shivers down your spine. Why not anticipate by analysing your consumption and adjusting your usage? Read on to find out what your electricity bill is made of and how to reduce it thanks to solar energy, load shifting and battery storage. Understand your electricity bill Your Synergy bills vary according to your plan, consumption and billing period. 1. Your Synergy plan There are two main household Synergy plans: With the Home Plan A1, you pay the same rate every day: $0.26474 per kWh (inc GST). This is called “anytime tariff”. Update
24th Mar 2017 | Nedjma.Loucif
Hot Water System
Is your old hot water system due for replacement? The day has finally come for you to replace your old hot water system. All those years of wear and tear, extreme temperatures, corrosion and exposure to the elements have taken their toll. Yet, where should you start looking for a suitable replacement? What’s the most affordable and efficient approach, taking into account your existing set-up? These are questions we hear on a daily basis at Solargain. To help you choose the best replacement for your household, we’ve put together some recommendations based on the type of hot water system you