1st Apr 2021 | Andrew
Product Spotlight - Huawei LUNA Battery
The Huawei LUNA battery Solar energy storage systems are becoming a more and more attractive option to Australians nation-wide as prices continue to fall and more incentives become available. That’s why, today, we wanted to shine a light on the Huawei LUNA, one of the best investments you can make if you’re looking for a top-quality solar battery. Scalable from a compact 5 kWh all the way up to an astonishing 30 kWh, the Huawei LUNA’s modular design makes it a flexible and practical investment, able to be adjusted to your energy needs, whatever they may be. Coming from one of the most trusted
8th Mar 2021 | Andrew
International Women’s Day Celebration
Women play an integral part to our business here at Solargain, and we are proud to celebrate international women’s day with them today. We wouldn’t be where we are now without the amazing women who make up a large part of our business. Over the last week, we’ve conducted interviews with some of the most important women here at Solargain about their time here, and what advice they have for young women in business. Here’s what they had to say. Huia McKenzie - Service Manager How long have you been here at Solargain? I’ve been at SG since early 2017. What has been your proudest moment since you
24th Feb 2021 | Andrew
Australia’s first Large-scale PV recycling facility is stepping up operations
The recycling of PV solar modules is an important concern and one which, with the young age of the Australian solar energy industry, has not really been addressed until quite recently. Solar modules in Australia are expected to have a lifespan of anywhere between 15 and 35 years, and this means that while until now, the numbers of panels needing to be recycled have been relatively low, we can expect a massive influx of retired panels hitting skips soon. But not if Australia’s first large-scale recycling project has anything to say on the matter. Clive Fleming’s Reclaim PV Recycling is aiming
3rd Feb 2021 | Andrew
Bushfire protocols
Here is our guide on what to do with your Solar PV system if you find yourself within or neighbouring a bushfire zone.
28th Jan 2021 | Nedjma.Loucif
5 green ways to go back to school
Summer’s on its way out. At least it is for the kids. The holidays are coming to an end and soon they’ll be back at school, giving every parent across Australia a little bit of peace and quiet. Even if some regions of the nation are still conducting school remotely, they'll at least busy throughout the day with things other than video games, cricket, and making trouble. But with the new conditions people all across the world are getting used to, now’s a great time to make a shift towards more environmentally friendly practices. Here are a few suggestions from the team here at Solargain to make
4th Jan 2021 | Andrew
Australian solar rebate changes 2021
You might have seen a lot of talk in solar energy news recently about the decreasing solar rebate. Yet, it can be difficult to make proper sense of what this all means. After all, calling it a rebate is actually a little bit of a misnomer on its own. While called an Australian Solar Rebate, this, in reality, refers to the number of STCs the installer will receive upon installation of the system, STC meaning Small-scale Technology Certificate. Generally, installers (Solargain included) will deduct the total value of the STCs you will receive automatically as part of our prices, so you don’t
17th Dec 2020 | Andrew
Five ways to be green this Christmas
Christmas is a time for families and friends to come together, enjoy a special day of gift giving, great food and fantastic memories. But unfortunately Christmas time gift giving and dinners can also lead to a lot of wastage, with landfills the world over being filled with wrapping paper, discarded cardboard, food waste, and in some cases, unwanted presents. That’s why it’s important to do our part in making the day a little bit greener. So join us in dreaming of a green Christmas this holiday season. Give Green Gifts That might seem a little imposing, but don’t worry, a green gift doesn’t
3rd Dec 2020 | Andrew
Then vs Now, 2020 Update
Four years. Only four years have passed since we made the original edition of this article in 2016, but it feels like decades. Not only in the realm of solar power, the world has experienced massive changes in the last short few years that make 2016 seem like ancient history. But that’s not to say solar hasn’t also seen some drastic shifts, thankfully, all in the right direction. The statistics we have now make our bold claims in 2016 seem paltry in comparison. Check out the infographic below to see what we mean. As you can see, though the advancements from 2008 to 2016 were great, every
19th Nov 2020 | Andrew
Huawei Advanced Arc Detection
Safety is a paramount concern in all home-installation consumer products in the current day. That applies especially so for Solar PV systems, which quickly become an integral part of your daily life, powering your home and slashing your bills. This is why Huawei has such a strong focus on safety in its systems and include a wide array of advanced safety features.
19th Oct 2020 | Webmaster
South Australia
Our offices in South Australia have been open for almost five years. But, ever since we opened our doors in Holden Hill, our focus in South Australia was exclusively upon the service arm of our business. This decision was made because of the rapid expansion of solar across South Australia several years before Solargain’s arrival there, due to fantastic feed-in tariffs. This was quickly followed by the foreclosure of many short-lived South Australian solar businesses that had arisen to take advantage of the boom, leaving their customers without anyone to support them in post-installation
12th Oct 2020 | Andrew
So you want to go off grid
Going off-grid is an appealing prospect for many people. With rising electricity prices, there are certainly obvious benefits to being able to produce and consume your own electricity. Especially in places with an unreliable connection to the grid, or areas so remote, there is no consistent grid available, there are definitely good reasons to consider a self-sufficient power system. But as appealing as it may sound, we would not advise this option to most people, unless you truly have no alternative. Generally, the only reason to go off-grid is if your home has no grid connection in the first
1st Oct 2020 | Andrew
Who's installing my solar?
Solargain is a large company and uses both internal installers as well as contractors to give our team greater flexibility and make our services available to more homes across Australia. Why do we use both internal installers and contractors? All homes are different, with their own unique characteristics. Our cohort of installers have different skill-sets, some quite specialised and this allows us to schedule the most experienced team with the skill-set most suited to the system being installed on your home. Will my warranty or support be different if my solar is installed by a contractor? It