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20th Apr 2015
LA - Green City Of The Month
Our newest Greenie of the Month isn’t a person, or a group or a company – it’s a whole city. The city of Los Angeles in sunny California gets our nod for this month’s award for its recently released sustainability framework. Now, this framework doesn’t just pay lip service to the notion of a more sustainable future. It’s a heavy-duty, 108-page planning document that explores a whole variety of different initiatives that would greatly benefit the sprawling city’s 3.8 million people. For travellers, LA is mostly known for its high end shopping, beautiful beaches and Hollywood Stars. But for
20th Apr 2015
where to start
With so many fantastic benefits, it’s little wonder that solar panels are so commonly seen on rooftops across Australia. They can lower your power bills, reduce your environmental impact, harness Australia’s sunny conditions and add value to your home. But when it comes to choosing a solar power system, what’s best for you? Firstly, let’s look at the three main components that will make up your system – solar panels, solar inverters and the mounting system. Solar Panels The three most popular solar panels in Australia are Polycrystalline/Multicrystalline, Monocrystalline and Quasi
20th Apr 2015
choosing panels
Solar panels are a long term investment. So it’s important to do a bit of your own research before making your purchase. Luckily, we’ve prepared an easy-to-follow guide including all the important info, tips and considerations to think about when choosing solar panels. Solar Panel Shopping – What To Consider Cost Not all solar panels are equal. Prices vary depending on size, brand reputation, quality of materials, durability, warranty and any certifications the panels might have. Choosing solar panels on price alone isn’t always a great idea. Go for the biggest and the best panels, and they